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Nap Dentistry offers you several exclusive services in just one place. Our expert dentists provide all the benefits. Even the complicated procedures are performed with utmost care and overseeing by our principal Dentist.

Services we offer

From the Dentists to our assistants, we all are always ready to help you in need.
Teeth whitening
This is a procedure of removing stains from your enamel and changing the color of your teeth to bright white.
This procedure can be done in two ways. Firstly, there is bleaching the teeth on the chair. This only needs one visit to our office. Another is a tray made by our specialists. You can apply this at home.
This procedure is done to fix broken teeth or cavities or to repair any cracks on the teeth. Grinding teeth is one of the ways.
Anesthesia is used in this procedure, and you can always choose your filling material.
Root canal
This treatment is done to prevent the teeth from damage and bacterial infections.
The procedure is mainly done to remove the affected place and to save the teeth. Later the area is filled with filling materials.
This procedure is done when you have no way but to remove the teeth completely. But this can also improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.
A tooth shape cap is filled in the place of the broken teeth.
Tooth extraction
This is one of the most common types of oral care. There are two types of teeth removal procedures available.
For the simple one, the Dentist can easily remove the teeth by forceps. And for the complicated term, there can be surgery.
These are the artificial teeth with gums when your natural teeth have been removed completely.
The dentures are designed to fit in your mouth perfectly and are made just for you.
This is mainly an artificial post that the dentist’s plant in the patient’s jawbone.
This process is done to plant teeth into the patient’s gums.
These are the services offered by Nap Dentistry in Auckland. Our expert team will treat you as per your need.