5 Most Qualified Dentists in Auckland

If you are looking for a dentist in Auckland, you need to consider every option before choosing one person in particular. The dentist should fit your budget and your needs. Choosing a perfect dentist can be hectic from time to time. Different people and loads of bills are never a good site to deal with.

How to Find The Right Dentist Near You

There are several ways you need to consider before choosing a dentist. More importantly, make sure, like any other physician, make sure you are quite comfortable with each other. And always to cover the terms of cost.
First, try and find a dentist that’s close to your place.

If you are living in Auckland, choose a neighbouring dentist. This will save gas. Choosing someone close to you is beneficial for emergency cases as well. This can help you in the long run.

Someone familiar to you and your family members. A dentist who can look up to you and your family is always a plus point. Consider this for children as well. Thus, you don’t have to run for different people for different family members. And that’s how you get to choose a dentist for the family.

Next up are the credentials of that person. To have great oral health, look up to the credentials of your dentist to certify if they are both qualified and insured. And make sure that they got plenty of practice before jumping to your mouth.
Dental care is an expensive side of medical care. Thus, it would be best if you found a dentist who accepts your insurance. Insurance can cover most of your and your family’s dental care, so make queries about that aspect. Insurance can cover a lot of the costs related to oral care. Even if you are looking for a big procedure, and insurance can cover that.

Ensure your dentist provides you with every dental care you might need, from root canal to implants. Everything should be covered for you and your family.
Always make sure that your dentists are upon emergency services. So, there will be enough services available to you.
And last look for the hygiene sector for the dentists. This is one of the most impressive things to consider. Though this is the most common practice of professionalism, you need to choose someone comfortable with it.

Top 5 dentists in Auckland [Editor’s Pick]

The dentists in Auckland are well certified and qualified in their best levels. They have practised for several years. Now here are the top five dentists in Auckland that you can check out:

Matt Summer
Matt Summer is the chief dentist of Accent, Your Dentists. Matt studied at the University of Otago in 1992. He’s practising for twenty-five years now and is an NZDA member.

Matt is one of the best dentists in Auckland for cosmetic and implant dentistry. He’s mastered dental implants and using titanium for such procedures. He’s even good at full mouth dental restoration. Matt Summer is the founding member of the Dental Implant Network Group and the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sue Cheah
Sue Cheah graduated from the University of Otago and specialized in the area of cosmetic dentistry. She can perform fillings, implants, and crowns for you.
Currently, she’s occupied in The Dentists in Auckland. Restoration and oral surgery are some of her best sectors in the business. She graduated in the year 2015 and has been practising since then. At such a young age, she achieved a lot.

Mark Washington
He’s working for the Dental Artistry right now. He graduated from the University of Otago in the year 1982. He is also the honorary lecturer for the University of Otago.

Dr Washington performed more dental surgery than anyone in Auckland. He is also connected to the New Zealand defence force. He’s one of the most renowned dental surgeons and an expert in dental implant surgery. He’s a member of the New Zealand Dental Association. And most importantly, he’s an international specialist who also provides services for the unprivileged.

Linda Hwang
She’s the chief dentist at Glow Dental and working for more than ten years now. She also graduated from the University of Otago and now runs her dental practice in Auckland.
She’s an expert in Braces and implants with root canal treatments. Dr Hwang is also super friendly and a keen learner.

Clarence Tam
She’s the Head dentist of the Tam Dental Group. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto.
She’s currently the chairman and director of the NZ Academy of dentistry. She’s also a publisher in the dental press. She has expertise in teeth whitening, implants, etc.

Who is Your Favourite?

So here is all the information you might need while finding a good dentist in Auckland. Based on the criteria we have mentioned above choose the one that you find the most suitable and most reliable within Auckland.

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